Clients & celebrities are delighted with their portraits, and have graciously taken the time to let us know. Thank you to all clients for sending in so many endorsements, good wishes and messages.


Joanna Lumley


I adore the portraits Ainslie did of me using photographs from my career, as Patsy and Purdey, and as myself. I have some as private portraits for my family, and some for charity auctions … and every time I look at them I marvel at his skilful use of colour. Patsy would be rather thrilled too, even though she hasn’t really got a wall to hang them on, as I have. I love them.


Joanna Lumley

Top of the world, reaching the top of the Eiger.

Top of the Eiger.

“Very happy indeed!”

Thank you again for helping me with my 10 year Anniversary gift! My Husband loved it! Thought they were the coolest portraits.  I must say I am thinking of getting one for myself…


Kimberly Digmon


“Highly Recommended”

We love our portrait of the two us. Ainslie is very talented and has an excellent eye for colour and composition which makes for a beautiful Popart picture.


Lucinda & Karl Watts


“I love it”


I always liked this photo, and Ainslie just added that little bit extra touch of glamour and sophistication, creating a lasting image….


Isabelle Sellers



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