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My mission

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Ainslie Tree – Artist. My pop art mission.

What is art? Art is in the eye of the beholder. Andy Warhol said we all get 15mins of fame.

My mission, my challenge is to find the beauty in the moment, celebrate it with colour, style, and imagination to create a stunning pop art master peace.

A picture really does paint a thousand words, and sometimes we forget just how amazing an image can be, capturing a special moment and magically transforming it. So why consign your moments to a photo album, desktop hard-drive, or little frame on the mantelpiece, celebrate the moment with a oversized pop art masterpiece. The large format transforms the image, making it pliable in the pop art style. The portrait is stripped back to its raw state of black and white, and is reconstructed. Using special effects to recreate and compliment the moment, emphasizing, exaggerating, beautifying complementing that special point in time.

We take the photo for you, or you can supply a favorite snapshot.


About Author


Classically trained London based artist, specialising in original over-sized pop art canvasses. Over the last ten years, Ainslie has perfected his vision of giving this iconic technique a unique, contemporary feel. His over-sized canvasses demonstrate a masterly use of colour, and his growing reputation has led to commissions from celebrities as diverse as Joanna Lumley and Twiggy. Ainslie’s cool credentials are impeccable. His artwork resonates with a great sense of provenance and attracts a raft of people from the worlds of art, fashion, music, advertising and commerce.

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